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News & Events


May 23                        United Methodist Men                                     7:00 p.m.

May 26                        Bonfire for Evening Service                             7:00 p.m.



Schedule for Devotional Leaders and Speakers

May 19     Morning Devotion:  Jim Curry, Sermon:  Ken Willard

                 Evening Devotion:   Chad Lusk, Sermon:  Anthony Browning

May 26     Morning Devotion:  Jim Curry,  Sermon: Teddy Dean Frye

                 Evening:  Bonfire



May 17                                    JeanAnn McCoy          Ruth Tomblin

May 26                                    Micha Browning          Abbie Wallace


Children’s Church

May 19                                    Sally Cline

May 26                                    Chad Lusk


Singing Schedule

May 19                                    Gwen Vance                Lori Vance

May 26                                    Bonfire